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what is deference b/w the working standard and reference

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what is deference b/w the working standard and reference standard..

Answer / tushar

Reference std is like USP,EP std , in this std we get COA
including results of Potency by HPLC , NMR & XRPD data.
whenever there is requirement of w.std preparation first we
have get API rawmaterial from warehouse & we check assay ,
water content or LOD & Related substances aganist reference
std . Some times we are doing analysis in duplicate & get
mean value.then we decide final assay or potency value &
it's validity one year

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what is deference b/w the working standard and reference standard..

Answer / vipul patel

Reference standard is primary standard.they are provid by Pharmacopoeia (like USP,Phone.Eur.JP etc).they no need other Qualifications
Working standard is Secondary standard .they make by Reference standard. They need other Qualifications like Assy,RS,LOD,

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what is deference b/w the working standard and reference standard..

Answer / suresh

The reference standard otherwise called as the primary
standard. It contains maximum % purity and minimum level
Working standard can be prepared from reference standard at
various concentration by dilution.

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what is deference b/w the working standard and reference standard..

Answer / minoo

as i know, we should measure the assay against refrence standards at least two times. in different days by different instruments. then we should calculate linearity and validity , if they are ok we can use the tested material as working standard.

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