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What is quality controle.

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What is quality controle...

Answer / sankarsana nahak

Quality control is an operation undertaken in a laboratory,
to analysis a samples/material within known prabability
limits of accuracy.

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What is quality controle...

Answer / kalyan

quality control means to maintain the quality of product by
calculating their content ,different physical parameters,as
per their specification IP/BP/USP/EP/JP

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What is quality controle...

Answer / t reddy

quality control is a set of procedures to check whether the drug products is achieving the customers needs or not.....

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What is quality controle...

Answer / kalkode sridher

Quality controle is a department in manufacturing units, where the analysis of product takes place to moniter the quality of product
as per the written procedures ,to inline with the customers and regulatory requirements

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What is quality controle...

Answer / gollapalli. satyanarayana

a part of Quality management and focus the fulfill requirements

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What is quality controle...

Answer / sandeep bhardwaj

Quality control, the name purely indicating that its
concern with quality and efficacy-- means we have to
provide the our valuable costomers things which are meeting
or fulfilling the parameters maintained by any regulatory
agencies, also which give our costomers the product with
good efficacy, quality and satishfactory good for their
How we overcome this matter we have quality control,which
meant for controling the products by checking their
purity,by qualitatively or quantitatively by determining
the contents with various analytical techniques.
For eg. Related sustances- we check the amount of
substances i.e. impurities present in the given
substance.further we decide with specification limits.
Assay : we find how much API Or the constituent of analyte
is present meeting the specification limit or not
calculated by area normalisation.
Every test in quality control have its own limits specified
in various pharmacopia`s,by which we can decide suitable
for use or not.

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