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HTC Interview Questions
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What is Mutation testing? When it can be done?

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How to get Top 10 Salaries from a Table

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what is difference between BVA and Equivalence Partitioning ? can u explain BVA for three digits?

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how can you spend your day yesterday

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Has Madhava Reddy, President of HTC Global Services, been caught by US Department of Labor for failure to pay salary?

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db2 restart logic ?

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what is main use of table space and index object? please its urgent

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write a c-program to find gcd using recursive functions

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How do You skip a Step In JCL?

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Write a program to calculate the following i want a c++program for this condition 1+4+9+16+….+100 Like this (1^2+2^2) Hint use function pow(a,b)

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1. Write a program to create a sentence at runtime and count number of vowels in it ? 2. Write a program to get a string and to convert the 1st letter of it to uppercase ?


Write any data structure program (stack implementation)

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Write a program to add the following ¼+2/4+3/4+5/3+6/3+... (Like up to any 12 no.s)

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. Write a program to get a string and to convert the 1st letter of it to uppercase

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difference between informatica 8.1.1 and 8.6? And different betweeninformatica 7x and 8x?

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Hi , I am a graduated in science at the year of 2006 & have started my professional career from that year as an HR personnel and still working. I have also got a bit of sales experiences in between this. Currently I am doing PGD in HRM from ICFAI & has done a Management Development Programme from IIM(Indian Institute of Management). My questions are 1) Am I moving in right direction towards my career ? 2)Will it be necessary to mention my Sales- Experience in my resume(as it was about 1yr.) , 3)What kind of job I can apply after finishing my PGD ?


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