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BNP Paribas Interview Questions
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java can provide security ,how can provide?

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What do you mean by Mutual Funds ? Types

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Difference between Accounts & Finance ?

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How to load a object repository in QTP during runtime?

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Hi, I need to create a user defined function to perform a sanity check on an alphanumeric field , which should only allow alphabets. It should return a code if the input is alphabetic or not & also needs to consider special characters. It's urgent, need to do this today , pls help or share the code incase anybody has already implemented it. Thanks & regards, Mercy

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1. how do u connect one report with another ? 2. how do u generate reports from different data sources( ex: oracle, sql server)? do u give the security to universe ?

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How can we add a column to a table without altering the same?

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what is full form of nifty?

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For Null indicator we have 3 values 0,-1,-2. 0->Not nulll -1->Null -2->Value truncated If ther is any possibility to have any positive value other than 0 in Null indicator.If it is so then when we will get and what is the value?

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How to load query faster,so that It will take less time to load?

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