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why positive is earthed in communications

why positive is earthed in communications..

Answer / balak7bk

to have stablity and avoid the return current of from
ligitining spikes

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what is the difference between electricle and electronics?

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which semiconductor device is used as voltage regulator & why??

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Name the interfaces between a) BTS and MS b) BTS and BSC c) BSS and MSC d) TRAU and BSC e)BSC and PCU

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i am preparing for rrb loco pilot exam please send me previous question papers at

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why we use visible spectrum for FSO (free space optic),although it seems strange that when we have to communicate in urban areas then too much light will be in atmosphere for the sake of communication.

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Why is silicon preferred over germanium in the manufacture of semiconductor devices?

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can anybody tell me about the syllabus for management trainee post in HAL. I you have papers plz mail me and my mail id is

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Draw the circuit diagram of 1φ capacitor commutated current source inverter and explain its operation with equivalent circuits for different modes and necessary wave forms?

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