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How to decide/consider the grade of bitumen for dbm.

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What is the proportion of M30 to M80and which construction these are used

3 Answers   Unicel,

what is density of 20mm coarse aggregate.plz send answer my below adress e.mail

0 Answers   NG Constructions, Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, Shafiq Constructions,

What is the result of cube in 7 days test ?

3 Answers   Casa Grande, Heer Enterprises, Him Shikhar Construction,

what is bond strength .

1 Answers   Merlin Projects,

How can i do RCC rate analysis?

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5. Two long boundary walls run parallel to each other at a center to center distance of 1 meter apart. The width and height of the first wall are 0.30 m and 2.5m respectively. While those of the second are respectively 0.18m and 3.5m. Plot the distribution of vertical stress intensity due to walls on a horizontal plane, 1m below ground level. The walls have negligible depth of foundation and are made of brick masonry (y = 19.2 kN/m cu)

0 Answers   KIOCL,


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1.Why we are preferring 43 grade cement than 53 grade cement. 2. Approximate cost difference between 43 and 53 grade cement. Thanks.

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can we use PPC for concrete wall, If yes, what is the concrete (PPC & OPC) grade for Non- load bearing concrete wall, load bearing concrete wall & for cellar retaining wall.

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How do piles bear loads

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five benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process

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