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What is the difference between phase, neutral wire and
earth cable. if neutral is connected to ground, y we need
earthing cable? what difference in hot and cold wire? do
neutral wire carry current?

What is the difference between phase, neutral wire and earth cable. if neutral is connected to gro..

Answer / vicky

Phase- carry the current at required voltage..
neutral- negative phase of current vil flow through it..
Earth- the connection of ENTIRE neutral wires to ground..
we will not connect neutral n phase wire to ground...
Earthing cable s used for byepassing the current due to lightning,etc..
Neutral wire can carry current but it not real one.. dat s if u checkd with tester, there s no current in neutral it seems.. but actually it carries the negative part of current..
I dont know abt hot n cold wire.. if anyone knows pls post it

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