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What is an Isolation Xformer? What is the use of it?

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What is an Isolation Xformer? What is the use of it?..

Answer / tim lafferty

Isolation transformer means that the device has a galvanic
separation between the primary and secondary. Galvanic
isolation means there is “insulation” that does not allow
current flow or no electrons to transfer between two sides
of the circuit. Isolation transformers can be kV or micro
Volt size. They may be 1:1 or 1000:1 or 1:10,000. The
term isolation transformer does not indicate anything about
the transformer except that the secondary is not electrical
connected to the primary. Meaning the primary and
secondary grounds are completely independent of each
other. The connection between the two sides the magnetic
flux not an electrical connection.

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What is an Isolation Xformer? What is the use of it?..

Answer / iamdon

As name suggest Isolation transformer does not alter
power,voltage or current level.It only electrically isolate
two parts of circuits.It has turn ratio of 1:1
It is use in amplifier circuit.

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