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what is 'A' Check & 'B' Check ?

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what is 'A' Check & 'B' Check ?..

Answer / b.sudhakaran

A Check & B check for DG set, A check means daily check for dg Like diesel level,oil level, radiator water level, Dg room cleaning, air filter checking, and all value position ( open or close condition check above you switch on primary motor for 5mints( for oil lubrication purpose) now you can switch DG for 5mints this is for A check, B check means 300 hours for dg or every 6month that time replace oil,oil filter, diesel filter and check air filter pulse A check this is b check.

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what is 'A' Check & 'B' Check ?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

They are periodical checks.'A' may be daily and 'B' may be
weekly.The checks are specified by the manufacturers for
maintenance purpose.They may be called as maintenance schedule

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