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What is VSWR? what are waveguides and their types. What is
Aloha? Shannon's information capacity theorem, Sampling
theorem, antenna gain, types of antennae, GSM/CDMA
comparison, modulation techniques, Superheterodyne receiver

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What is VSWR? what are waveguides and their types. What is Aloha? Shannon's information capac..

Answer / jeyalakshmi

Voltage standing wave ratio
ALOHA is a old ethernet or networking protocol
sampling theorem:fs> 2fmax
G=4piD/lambda square
modulation tech:AM,FM,PM,QPSK,QAM,OFDM..
superheterodyne Reciever:its freq converter...or a frequency
synthesizer ckt for conversion of frequencies

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What is VSWR? what are waveguides and their types. What is Aloha? Shannon's information capac..

Answer / gayathri

voltage standing wave ratio=(1-load impedance/1+load impedance).these are observed when ever we terminate the load with some impedance.
ALOHA is the older network protocal..
i.e.,,,, cimplies channel capacity,r implies rate of transmission. these constraints have to be maintained... c=b log(1+s/n) it gives channel capacity....
sampling theorem:- sampling frequency should be greaterthan or equal to the message signal frequency.
ANTENA GAIN :- 4pid/lambda^2 i.e., d implies directivity, lambda for wavelength asociated to it....
types of antennas:---- horn antenna,array antena,uni directional, omnidirectional, bi directional antennas....
gsm stands for global synchronisation for mobile we cant have acces to change our network where as cdma stands for code division multiple access....
modulation techniques:- am,pm,fm, are analog modulation techniques,pcm,dpcm,dm,adm are digital modulation techniques.....
super hetrodyne receivers:--- these are the high frequency receivers having band width of 200 kHZ And intermediate frequency range of 10.7MHZ.

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