what is the deference bitween DCS and PLC SCADA HMI System
for Power Process Industry.

what is the deference bitween DCS and PLC SCADA HMI System for Power Process Industry...

Answer / ramesh

DCS:- Actually DCS is used for redudancy ,it will have two controllers with master and slave concepts with communicating to the slave nodes and every nodes will be communicating with the particular node addresses.It will have larger no of analog I/o but in PLC is best for larger no DI/DO s,so in power industries we will use larger no of AI/AO s ,so we are going for DCS,and moreover in DCS the scanning time and the memory speed will be greater when compared with the PLC.We can use larger no of inputs and outputs in dcs whereas in PLC we cant use larger no because of lack in redudancy controller.So,in process industries if one controller is tripped then the second controller will take in to account and the plant will not get tripped.

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