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What is scale factor of proximitor & unit of the viabration.

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What is scale factor of proximitor & unit of the viabration...

Answer / muneeb

unit of vibration is mills
1 mill = 1/1000 inchs

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What is scale factor of proximitor & unit of the viabration...

Answer / s.seshasayee

The Proximitor is designed to give known output voltage changes equal to known gap changes. This is called a SCALE FACTOR. For the proximity transducer system the standard scale factor is set at 200 millivolts per mil (200mV/mil). Scale factor information can be found on the nameplate attached to the Proximitor. Scale factors are linear for a minimum of 80 mils within the systems linear range.

Average Scale Factor (ASF) =

change in gap voltage/change in gap = 18-2/0.08in =200mV/mil

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