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In a generator (Synchronous) does the rotor speed
(frequency) corresponds to the speed of the water (in
hydro). does the torque on the turbine relate to the flow of

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In a generator (Synchronous) does the rotor speed (frequency) corresponds to the speed of the wate..

Answer / lokeshraj

In generator the rotor speed thus frequency varies
according to the flow of water, speed increases with
increase in water flow, turbine torque depends upon the
flow of water....

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In a generator (Synchronous) does the rotor speed (frequency) corresponds to the speed of the wate..

Answer / milinda

when we increase the flow of water (m3/s) by the governor
(controlling the AREA of the water inlets) we change the
torque on the turbine not the speed,right? but can we change
the output frequency changing the SPEED of the water flow ?

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