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Answer / ronnie

It is volume of engine
cylinder in cubic
More precisely stroke
vol. + clearance...
Higher the cc, mor is
powr of engine....

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Answer / asif ali

C.C. Cubic Centimeter

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Answer / sagar

cubic centimeter

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Answer / k.manoj jayan

cubic capacity of engine.. cc=swept volume of the piston.. whrere the swept volume is the area covered by the movement of the piston.

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Answer / vikash

cc means cubic capacity of the internal combustion engine.
it is in the form of the cubic centimeters.

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Answer / chetan

it is the only swept volume of engine cylinder not clearance volume

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Answer / kaushik jetani

c.c is the mesurement of liquid property. 1 c.c = 1ml.

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Answer / rishi

it is volume of combustion chmber

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Answer / natesan

The Term CC of an Automobile Engine is the Cubic Capacity of
the Engine ( No. of Cylinders x Cubic Capacity of one
Cylinder in case of Multi cyl. Engine ) expressed in Cubic
Centimetre. Mathematically its the sum of Swept volume and
Clearance volume. In practice, some Engine capacity is
termed in Litres.... 1000cc equals 1 litre

For Example:-
Maruti 800 - denotes 800 cm3/cc
Innova 2.5 - 2.5 Litre equals 2500 cm3/cc and so on...

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Answer / vikas bhardwaj

It is the volume of charge(air+fuel) that enter into the cylinder in one complete revolution of crankshaft.

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