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define boiler parts,types and working

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define boiler parts,types and working ..

Answer / mageshwaran

Boilers are usually installed to produce steam which
ultimately is used in Power Plants, and for other processing
units. There are different type of Boilers based on the
applications. Some of them are listed below.
1. Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler
2. Pulverised Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler
3. Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler
4. Travelling Grate Boiler
5. Waste Heat Recovery Boiler.
The General Parts include as mentioned below.
1. Steam Drum (Heart of the Boiler where steam and water is
2. Furnace (Water Wall) is a closed system where combustion
takes place
3. Economiser (Nothing But Pipes of size 50 NB (varies
depending on the size of the boiler) to preheat water by the
flue gas produced during the combustion
4. Evaporator, Superheater coils,
5. Air Preheater
6. Bunker and Fuel Feeding Systems
7. Dosing Systems, Sample Coolers
8. ID, FD, PA & SA Fans
9. Bed Ash Coolers
10. Valves, Fittings etc.
Normally Boiler capacity is mentioned in tph (tonnes per
hour) i.e. how much steam is produced in an hour. Normally
to produce an electricity of 1 MW, 4 to 5 tonnes of Steam
per hour is required. Accordingly Boilers are designed. It
is a closed pressure vessel. Much more is left. Need a life
time to explain the boiler. Its as sweet and as danger as a

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define boiler parts,types and working ..

Answer / alok prabhu

Boiler parts are basically devided into 2 different
1) Accessories
2) fittings or(I dont remember the other name for it)

Fittings are the mandatory parts required for safe
operation of a boiler eg safty valves,blow off
valves,temperature gauges,pressure safety valves,etc.

Accessories are the parts which are not as important as
fittings but can be fitted for good operation of boilers.

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