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consagous placement paper

consagous placement paper..

Answer / kavita jadoun

Hello friendsi am kavita..i am sharing my experience about CONSAGOUS
TECHNOLOGY recruitment held in feb 2011.
There were overall 3 rounds
1.Group discussion

1.GD-there were total 20 students in a group for gd. my topic was "IS
India a soft nation".

2.TECHNICAL(Written)-in written test there were questions mostly from data
struture,software engineering,object oriented analysis and design nd c
programming......there were overall 50 ques out of which 5 ques were
theoritical and rest of them were objective and there were some questions
with multiple answers also. i am disscussing some of questions here.....

1.what is RTTI?

2.what is the concept of paging in dotnet? does the compilation of c++ differs from c# nd vb? many cases may be there for measuring the complexity of an algorithm?

5.give the complexity of binary search algorithm? many stages are there in sdlc?

7.what does the Wait() and notify() function in java do?

8.what r general guidlines for coading?

9.what is UML?

10. In which phase uml is included in?

11.outputs of c program...

well Friends i would suggest you to go through
this subjects once and you shoud be clear with your basics....

3.PI-there were 3 sections in PI


3.Logical ability

1.HR-i suggest you Friends that you should know the things that you
claims you know...

1.define urself(most obvious
2.tell me your 3 skills which would help our organisation to grow?

3.who is your role model?

4.what is your long term goal? case our company is hiring you only for two years then what will
be your objective?

6.what you want to achieve in your life?

7.why should we take you?

2.Technical-i mentioned my interest in os and CN so most of questions were
from that subjects...

1.what is difference between class and objects?

2.what is difference between methods and message?

3.what is thrashing?

4.modes of data communication

5.what is paging?

6.difference between multiple and hierarycal inheritance?

7.why multiple inheritence is not used in java?

8.what is interface?

9.implemantation of interface?

10.what is namespace?

11.define osi model? can you overcome thrashing?

13.what is your project?

3.LA-this was the tricky portion..
. will you make 120 out of five zeros? have 4 points and you have to arrange themin egual distance and
you dont have anything to measure then how will you arrange this points??

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