What are Mutual Funds?

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / chandrasekhar hota

Mutual Funds are nothing but financial institutions which
pool money from investors to invest in securities and
generate returns from them and finally pass back the
returns to the respective investors after keeping their

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / nimesh

in short, mutual fund means investing in security market
with minimum risk.
those persons who dont know about security market and want
to invest their money in security market can invest through
mutual fund.
mutual fund means diversify the risk by investing money in
different sector or different market and give maximum
reaturns to the investors.

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / srinu

mutual funds,It is a financial innovation provided to the
way of collecting savings from small investers
Equity,Security of indastrial organasation with less risk.

As for SEBI,mutual funds means A fund established in the
form of a trust to rise the sale of units to the
public or a section of public under one or more skills.

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / rajesh

Mutual funds means pooling of investments from small
investors and investing in the stock exchange is called
mutual funds

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / vijay chandhar

mutual fund is an investing company that pools money from
small investors and allows them to buy and sell shares in
continuous basis and use the capital to raise by investing
in securities of different companies

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / pramod

mutual fund is institution that have a pool of money which
they invest in stock market like equity ,debt and other
financial instrument and make profit.

in other word today there are a lot of invester who wants
to invest their money in stock but they don't have
sufficient knowledge about stocks due to this they want
invest their money in mutul fund company who will genrate
income from stock market.mutul fund company is profetional
to do these activity.they have a lot of staff who analyse
and sale, purchase and doing work to related to stock market

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / srinivas.v

A pool of money invested according to stated investment

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / raju


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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / venkat

mutual fund is a vehical collecting money from public in
order to invest in markets and securities with an bjective
or scheme of fund agreed betwen the invetor and AMC of fund.

example for markets :- NYSE BSE AND CAC#
example for securities :- MID CAP, SMAILL CAP AND BLUE CHIP

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What are Mutual Funds?..

Answer / natheeshram.t

A mutual fund is made up of money that is pooled together
by a large number of investors who give their money to a
fund manager to invest in a large portfolio of stocks and /
or bonds.
When a lot of shares are available on stock exchanges, you
and me don't know which companies to invest in. But let us
say a guy named xxxxx knows, and keeps track of the market
daily. So we give him our money and he buys and sells
stocks for us.

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