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what is the current pay package for an instrumentation
engineer having 2 years of experience in cryogenic

what is the current pay package for an instrumentation engineer having 2 years of experience in cr..

Answer / monty_007

40000 per month

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generally for transmitter we are giving supply 24vlts?but we are getting output 4-20ma ? how it is possible? is there any operation inside the tx?pls give complete information?

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How to calculate the flow rate in Vortex flow meter?What is K factor?Can you give me an example calculation to understand the same as better?

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Are Coils of Electromagnetic flowmeter in direct contact with fluid material

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How to check loadcell working or notworking

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hi,i am doing 3 year in electronic and instrumentation engineering. what type of aptitude questions will be asked in a core industries and how can i improve my skills in instrumentation?

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What is negative range in transmeter?

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What is Difference between PLC and CNC ?

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What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ?

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hello dear i have faced problem in drum level transmitter. the problem is when i engrize the meter meter shows 100% but the actual level 40 or something plz suggest me

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What is the detail function of I/O card in DCS ? Why we dont use the I/O directly with controller?

3 Answers   Kekran Mekran, TCE,


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