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batihat,goeyolc,veesrnoc ..

Answer / justmatt

goeyolc= ecology

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why we are adding sulpuric acid in residue on ignition

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How oxalic acid is prepared

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what is mean by 21 cfr

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how to synthsis toluene to benzaldehyde

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Why some type of assays having limit 98% to102%? (if any compound having assay limit 100)

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What are geometrical isomerism? Explain them with an example?

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Is LOD and LOQ values differ for different substrat (eg milk, tissue, egg etc.) for same compound (eg pesticide flumethrin)in same instrument(eg GC)?

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what is acid and base

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how convert toludin in benzoic acid

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Shall i get the model question papers for junior lecture of Andhra pradesh

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What is organic metal?

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hi, i want last 10 years ongc exam recruitment papers for subject in chemistry ,genaralknowladge.

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