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What is the temperature

What is the temperature..

Answer / mahesh

The degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or
object, especially as expressed according to a comparative
scale and shown by a thermometer or perceived by touch.

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whenever kf titration is done that time one result is high and second one lower  results what to do.

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what happens when aminoacids react with alcohols?

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how we change 0.1N KmNo4 solution to 0.01N KmNo4 solution.

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i m a m sc biotech student, a chemist in a pvt company for 3 years, i want to change my career. which will be good for me again m sc chemistry in distance, then phd ? or prepare for railway or banking jobs. plz help.i prefer a govt. job ?

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what is the pH of benzene?why pH is not below 1

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if two miscible liquids are each found to boil at the same temperature, could you safely conclude that they are identical?

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whether ter weight is require when doing the water standerdisation

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Which one of the Following is not Aromatic? 1)Cyclotetrane 2)Benzene 3)Napthalene 4)Anthracene

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benzoic acid is a weaker than para nitro benzoic acid

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What is principle of polarimetre

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