There are some reports,we have to provide security to that
reports like the hr manager should have access to hr
department reports only and the accountant should have
access to accounts reports where as the CEO can have access
to all the reports. How to deal with this situation using

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There are some reports,we have to provide security to that reports like the hr manager should have..

Answer / cognos123

Firstly your application should have security set up in
place. eg: u must have LDAP server set up.

Having said that once u have users and roles have been
defined in security server u will create a macro in FM
with account.defaultuserName() session parameter.

Above defined macro will work as explicit filter when user
logs into cognos portal and based on given permissions
he/she will be able to see only his/her pertaining data
when ever then run report.

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There are some reports,we have to provide security to that reports like the hr manager should have..

Answer / chiru

In framework Manager... we can give Security ...
1) Data level security
2) Object level security
3) Package level Security

Here Data Level Security means we can apply security to
Data item in a Table like ...

Another one is Object level Security.. i.e we can apply
security to Objects like... regions like India, England,
the particular region is Accessed by particular region
For Example: India region can be accessed by India users

Package Level Security:

This Security can Apply to Particular package only...
i.e Particular package can access only

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