What is an EN Material. What is the difference of EN8, EN24,

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What is an EN Material. What is the difference of EN8, EN24, EN40...

Answer / kr

EN mean europian norms (british standard)

genarally EN8, EN24,EN40 use in roundbar designation,

and chamical composition differace btn. them

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What is an EN Material. What is the difference of EN8, EN24, EN40...

Answer / shyam shendur

EN8 also know as 080M40. An unalloyed medium carbon steel. EN8 is a medium strength steel, good tensile strength. Suitable for shafts, stressed pins, studs, keys etc.
Available as normalised or rolled. EN8 is supplied as round drawn/turned, round hot rolled, hexagon, square, flats and plate
EN24 also known as 817m40 comes treated in the T condition to 850/1000 N/mm2 we can offer EN24T in plate from 10mm thick up to 300mm, diameters from 10mm up to 950mm, squares from 20mm to 300mm and flats 20 x 10 up to 3000 x 300mm from stock. AISI 4340, werkstoff 1.6565.

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What is an EN Material. What is the difference of EN8, EN24, EN40...

Answer / abhishek singhania

The above answer is a layman's answer. Can someone give a
litle more specfic anwers. Like what are the applicational
differences or maybe difference in their mechanical
properties or something?

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What is an EN Material. What is the difference of EN8, EN24, EN40...

Answer / k.laxmanrao

why are useing in en24 in all motor shafts.if iam useing
en8 what problem faceing.

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What is an EN Material. What is the difference of EN8, EN24, EN40...

Answer / kiriti m. bhattacharya

Shafts require high fatigue resistance because the slightest misalignment can cause a micro"wobble" - enough to start a fatigue crack on the surface or any other high tensile area, or a notches (stress concentration point). The idea is to find a machinable steel round bar which can then be heat treated: heat, quench (in oil) and tempered. What mechanical properties you end up with depends on the alloy additions (different EN numbers) and the post fabrication heat treatment.
So, to answer your question: First decide what mechanical properties your design requires; secondly, check which EN steel will meet your requirements. The En24 and En 26 are the "work-horses" for shafts and higher temperature bolting. In AISI terms: AISI 4140 and AISI 4340. It can be misleading just to speak about "shafts" without knowing the required service conditions. Hope this helps.

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