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How much allowable difference current between on three
Dear sir,
We have a 1870 KW HT motor, 11 Kv supply,FLA-120A,2870
rpm,2-pole squirrel cage induction Motor.And stator is
connected in star connection with Liquid resistance stater
to limit the starting current.It has coupled with
Centrifugal air compressor.My question is it is loading 73%
of FLA taking R-phase 86.7 A, Y-phase-85.4A,B-phase-
78.3A.why the B phase current is that much of difference.Is
it allowable, or any one tell me how much allowable
current.If any method to calculate.

How much allowable difference current between on three phases Dear sir, We have a 1870 KW HT mot..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Change the phase sequence from RYB to YBR and BRY and
analyze the results

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