What is Docking Station ?

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If the service operation returns void, what is the message exchange pattern? Is the client waiting the operation to be completed in this case?

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what is the difference between jet engine and ODBC ?

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What is Attached property?

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What is VGA (Video Graphics Array)?

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What is Unallocated Space ?

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In excel,how to clear the values of the cell without removing the formula?

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What is the difference between a domain and a workgroup?

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look into my data in sheet1- A-1,2,3,4,5,6 sheet2-2,4,7,8,9 compare the data get result like sheet2: 2-yes(present in sheet1) 4(present in sheet1) 7(not present in sheet2) 8(not present in sheet2) 9(not present in sheet2)

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how to connect oracle databse in excel.pls provide me steps.

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What is Ethernet Address ?

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what is windows backup and type of windows backup

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What is Uninstall?

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