What is Docking Station ?

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what is DHCP relay agent?

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1)Microsoft Office's personal information manager is........ a)Outlook b)Internet Explorer c)Organizer d)Access

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What is Script file ?

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Enumerate three message exchange patterns in the WCF model

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What is WAN (Wide Area Network) ?

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What is Docking Station ?

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What is Defragment?

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What is the difference in the attributes the binging and the bindingName of the <endpoint> element?

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How to synchronize two ms access files? I am using one Ms access file (access 2007 accdb file) in my system. the same file i have given it to another section for data entry. every day data entry is being done in that section and i am making reports in my access file. how do i synchronize both file because i need to update data entries from that system and update my new reports to that system. Plz help me how to do that? Network is not available between these systems and things can be done via storage devices only.

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What is Xeon Processor Technology?

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xp professional operating system is showing virtual memory too low?

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what is the difference between jet engine and ODBC ?

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