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Is it possible to apply access manager user rights in

Is it possible to apply access manager user rights in impromptu?..

Answer / shree uday

Y we can do in Governor tab...

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where do we see the run time of the report ?

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----------------What is Scopr Relationship?

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is there any difference between operational database and data base?if yes what r they?

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How to Improve the Performance of the Report? i need this urgently .

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What are the advantages of using cognos sql?

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Hi is any one having link to download books on datawarehouse tool kit by ralph kimball or any other authors books.

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What is the difference between macro & Parameter

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What is Portal Tab?

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Hi Buddies...i am lalitha. i am willing to appear for cognos bi-author certification. can anyone of you send me cognos dump. please please help me.

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How to a create header dynamically in a crosstab report in cognos 8.1?

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what is field set? what is the query calculation and layout calculation?

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