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exact difference between electronicsand electrical

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exact difference between electronicsand electrical..

Answer / vignesh.s

electrical means high voltage,low frequency.electronics
means low voltage,high frequency.

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exact difference between electronicsand electrical..

Answer / praveen kumar gupta

Electronic means micro control of movement of electrons and
holes where as electrcal means macro control of high
speeded elecrons in a conductor. In electronics one can
control the speed of electron as per requirement but in
electrical one can only switch the motion of the electron.

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exact difference between electronicsand electrical..

Answer / vinay


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exact difference between electronicsand electrical..

Answer / s.vignesh

electrical is the passing of ac supply.electronics is the
control the circuit in dc voltage

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exact difference between electronicsand electrical..

Answer / rohit pareek

electrical means flow of electrons through a conducting
path or conductor but electronics have two things like
electrones and its dynemics so electronics means dynemics
of electrones i.e. flow of electrone through vacuum tube or

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