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Whether it is possible to measure energy at the input of
rectifier transformer (12 pulse with very high odd harmonics)

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when giving a supply to wounded coil it will get magnetised, but the same is not if it is not wounded on a core..and it is getiing short....why.......

3 Answers  

upto how many load can v connect to stabilizer which is used for tv

0 Answers   Sandvik,

if we have to design a small transformer of rating 1 kva or 1 mva , how can we design it?

1 Answers  

71ohm,111ohm,95ohm,179ohm in calculate the total ohm in series circuit

0 Answers   Machino,

How do you find HT and LT sides of a distribution transformer only by looking at it from outside?

1 Answers   Nespak,

In a synchronous motor. if start is running at high speed.  What will be the starting torque : Higher Lower Zero

0 Answers  

In synchronous generators field is rotor and armature is stator.Can we take the output at the rotor in case of synchronous generator by the dc excitation on the stator?

2 Answers  

what is specific gravity of a battery if specific gravity increase/decrease,what will happen to the voltage/current of the battery

5 Answers   NTPC,

work of choke in florocent tube circuit ?

0 Answers   Bhel,

What is the difference between short circuit and overload currents?

14 Answers   IIIT,

sir iam from electrical and electronics branch ,can i appear for the hpcl offline requirtment? if yes please mail me on

0 Answers   HPCL,

What difference between TRANSFORMERS and TRANSDUCERS???

1 Answers  

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