what is the purpose of Buffer in any titration?Ex:In
determination of hardness of water we use ammonia
ammoniachloride buffer in titration with EDTA.Why?

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Answer / tushar

buffer is used to maintain ph of respective solution.

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Answer / rahul jain

during the complexometric titration using EDTA, it is very necessary to maintain the pH of the solution near about 10.so we use ammonia ammoniumchloride buffer.if we will not use this buffer, during the titration pH of solution will go lower side(acidic side).

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Answer / suresh

Buffer is a substance it will little resist change in the
pH of the solution.

In Hardness estimation the major substances in water is
Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. The ammonia and
ammonium chloride buffer pH is 10. At the particular pH it
will form the complex with both calcium and magnesium.So
the titre value gives the total hardness of the solution.
If you want to measure calcium alone instead of adding pH
10 buffer add pH 12 buffer (1M NaoH).

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Answer / dr. sanjay rana

It is necessary to Control the pH of Titration medium in
complexometric titration becoz, The complex form in this
titration is stable at more pH.(more than -6) and if pH
change the result will also change.

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Answer / akbari syed

buffer is usually added to maintain the pH of the solution.

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Answer / arhama

buffer solution resist change in PH.

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Answer / vikash singh(up college

we use high buffer solution to mantain the pH of the solution medium bacause if we not use it then the pH of the solution decreases and the stability of  the chelating complex decreases. 

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Answer / bhagyashree

During reaction between metal and EDTA, H+ ions are formed & decreases the pH of reaction mixture. Hence, a buffer solution of pH 10 is necessary during titration for Ca++ & Mg++ so that it will not allow the decrease of pH.

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Answer / john

To maintain  ph level

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Answer / gulendra kumar

The role of buffer soution in complexometric titration is to adjust the PH to ensure that the reaction goes to completion .

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