what are the types of dams

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what are the types of dams..

Answer / ankit

dams can be classified accd to:-
1.on basis of use
-coffer dam,debris dam,retaintion dam,storage,diversion
2.basis of structure
-gravity dam,embankment dam,arch dam,buttress dam
3.material used
-rigid and non rigid
again 1.

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what are the types of dams..

Answer / saiprasadk

Dams are brodely classified into two types: rigid dams and non-rigid dams.
Rigid dams:- these dams construction materials,such as stone or R.C.C or P.C.C. 1.solid gravity dams 2.Aech dams 3.Butrer dams 4.Timer and steel dams.
Non-rigid dams:- these dams have a trapezoidal basic profile.Earth dams and rock fill dams.

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what are the types of dams..

Answer / jalandar

RCC Dam.
Earthen Dam.

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