using redefine can you redefine lower variable size to
higher variable size?

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using redefine can you redefine lower variable size to higher variable size?..

Answer / santosh mahajan

Yes. Redefines just causes both fields to start at the same
location. For example:-

01 WS-XYZ PIC X(1).


DISPLAY WS-XYZ will show 1
DISPLAY WS-XYZ-R will show 11

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using redefine can you redefine lower variable size to higher variable size?..

Answer / snehatechm


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using redefine can you redefine lower variable size to higher variable size?..

Answer / harikumr ch

Syn:Levelnumber dataname-1 redefines data-name-2

The data-name-1 & data-name-2 must be of same size.(From
level 02).Incase of 01 level, the size of data-name-1 must
not exceeds that of data-name-2.

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