what is the advantages of Lighting transformer?.. is it
possible to reduce the power consumption ?.

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Answer / sanjay kumar

lighting transformer is a transformer witch is required for lighting load near to supply source end to limit the fault current due to very low impedance near the main source. it also reduce the high voltage spikes & EMI in the primary to transfer in the secondary.It also used where the primary supply is 3-phase & 3-wire to get neutral point in secondery.

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Answer / cnu

Generally the power is transmitted in 3-Phase DELTA
circuit. where as lighting is conneted to single phase. and
lighting load is totally unbalanced so a delta circuit
cannot be used in supllying a lighting load due to non-
availability of neutral conductor.

for this purpose a lighting transformer is used which
transforms the 3-phase delta circuit into a 3-phase star
circuit. which can be used to supply single phase
unbalanced loads due to the availability of neutral wire.

the transformer can be used in transforming any voltage

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Answer / manish parekh

My plesure to share my knowledge about lighting traansformer.

1.lighting system is not critical system which lead to loss production. So its better to install lighting transformer to isolate the earth fault of lighting distribution system from main Distribution system......primary i/p is delta and Sec o/p is star which also help to lead unbalanced lighting load without effect on main distribution system.......

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Answer / bhatt

Lightings tarnsfoemer used when we have no Neutral Neutral point in Secondary side.

And Second think is that when fault current also Limit By this transformer

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Answer / amit khamesra

Lighting transformer is a small transformer with taps to
adjust the output voltage. If we reduce the voltage, it
gives a big amt of power saving till some amt of vtg
reduction. In this way lighting tr helps in power saving.

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Answer / sreedarsh.b

Lighting transformers are used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. it is used in elevating the level of voltage before transmitting across long distances.
Light transformers are some of the most efficient and effective electric devices as they are known to successfully transfer 99.75% of the total energy input to the output junction.

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