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How to calculate Air conditioning capacity for a telecom
BTS shelter?

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More Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

what is the similarity and difference between ups and inverter?

4 Answers   GMR,

what relation between transmission line & communication line?

1 Answers   NTPC,

hi friends ,iam working as genset AVR service engineer in electrical field from past 2 yrs throughout india . i plan to shift in some other job without travelling in same field because i con't travel,i dont know what i do for that so please guide me what job is suited for me,how i can serch the job please anybody helpme iam totally confused

0 Answers  

Explain what happens to the speed of a series motor as the load decreases

1 Answers  

What is switch gear? How it is work ?

1 Answers   AbaQulusi Municipality, Lupin,

200-100/1-1A – Transformer Knee point voltage

1 Answers   AAPT,

Design and explain a circuit to produce an unregulated full wave D.C supply.

1 Answers  

Tell me all plants load factors i.e which plant operating on which load?

0 Answers   Bhel,

what is the difference between delta delta and star delta connection transformer? why we use delta delta transformer since it need earthing transformer for grounding?

0 Answers  

In VVVF drive voltage is varying in accordance with frequency.My question here is How much will be the voltage in the inverter side if the frquency is set for 10Hz ?

1 Answers  

what is interlocing and what is the purpose of this?

4 Answers   L&T,

what will happen at secondary side of transformer if i increase voltage at primary side?while V1*I1=V2*I2 will secondary voltage or current increase?

2 Answers  

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