if ur working in a supermarket what tools and techiniques
will u use in data collection?how r u going to analysis the
data and make inferences? how will u finally apply ur market
research to improve sales and win over customers?

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if ur working in a supermarket what tools and techiniques will u use in data collection?how r u goi..

Answer / ravi vashist


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if ur working in a supermarket what tools and techiniques will u use in data collection?how r u goi..

Answer / pawan kaushish

1st of all we Analise the market overview with day by day on
behalf of sales as well as customer satisfaction.i ensure
that sales will growth

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if ur working in a supermarket what tools and techiniques will u use in data collection?how r u goi..

Answer / sathish

sales is not depend only a customer its also depend with a retailer, because retailer also have some influence for how to sale such products. so we have a good relationship with our retailers to move our goods afterwards definetly sales will increase

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