why are measure gas flow " ml " in Gas chromatography

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does water content by KF will calculate only external moisture absorbed or the ligand ? (for ex copper sulphate pentahydrate)

0 Answers   NA,

what is the d/f b/w normality and molarity and molality..?

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How much carbon loading in nomalphase columns?

5 Answers  

What is boiling point ? & Explain.

2 Answers  

How to estimate potassium?

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what is the difference between IR and FTIR instrument analysis

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Sulphated Ash incresed it will effect on product yield?

3 Answers   Biocon, Lupin,

how you determine moist.of NaOH sol or NaOH flacks

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How to do spike of aflatoxin in peanut to get maximum recovery

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what is the meaning of PURITY AND POTENCY .what is the difference between PURITY and POTENCY

5 Answers   Orchid,

in HPLC injection volume is increase ,R.T will increase ?

5 Answers   Claris Lifesciences,

give me method of calculating co relation of coefficient for HPLC,SOR & ANY OTHER

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