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can anyone can let me know in Eurotron Micro cal 2+
calibrator in milli amps source mode we are not able to get
20 milli amps output it only produces 1.52 milli amps out,
but display shows increase in milli amps , and err6
displays, let me know how to remove the err 6.

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what is zenier barier and what means zone 1,zone 2,and zone 3

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In my plant I want to mount a steam flow transmitter .Flow nozzel is already mounted in steam line .So how can i know the range to put in flow transmitter?

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS

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what type of cables are used for f&G systems and detectors, what is the standard colour?

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how can be calibrate flow indication transmitter (rosemount) it shows excess milli amps nearly about 24 ma on full scale, but its scale was set on 20ma on full scale..???how can be simiulate..???

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If the average power during generation is zero, why do the analog meters have + and - ?

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where cn i find the previous years question paper for psu exam???????//

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Somebody can explain me about >Critical Loops, calibrations, ESD critical Loop checks, Logic Diagram / Cause & Effect checks for ESD loops,

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We are using Rosemount 5400 series Radar Level Transmitters in all types of Sump Applications having oily water hdrocarbon petrochemical nature. What we are facing the problem frequently is that always getting reading frezzed at some value. If we do power recycling , sometimes it is working . then making same freezing problem. If anybody faced before such type of problem and also having solution , Please give the answer.

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Can someone give a detailed chart on the temperature ranges which can be measured by various temperature sensors.

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