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What is plasticiser and where it will use?

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What is plasticiser and where it will use?..

Answer / ujwal mandal

Plasticiser is a kind of admixture which is mixed with the
fresh concrete in the purpose of enhance the workability of
fresh concrete and reduce the required water content for a
given cement content.

Use: 1.In the preparation of high strength concrete

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What is plasticiser and where it will use?..

Answer / pawan mistry

Plasticiser are different type of admixtures used for
concreting as per our requirement such as to reduce water
content,to retard setting time of cement, to accelerate
initial setting time of cement,keeping strength of
concreting, workability,durability.
There are different types of admixtures
a) Water-reduceing
b) cement retarder
c) cement accelator etc.

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