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Surya Software,Banashankari,Bangalore-70.

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Surya Software,Banashankari,Bangalore-70...

Answer / suki

hi friends in this company the recruiter (women),she is very strict ,u
should be sharply at 9.30am if u r late she will tell u to return to ur
home or she will ask u to come on the next day, so be punctual.
she will give a question paper which contains fifteen questions ,few
questions carry one mark,and the other questions carry two marks,totally
test is for twenty marks(20)-time given to complete the test is 40
minutes,if she tries to collect the answer sheets before 40 minutes means
please don't give the answer sheet and resume.

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Surya Software,Banashankari,Bangalore-70...

Answer / james

Aptitude Test
Technical Interview
HR Interview

Segment: IT
Total Vacancy: N/A
Designation: Software Engineer Trainee
Annual Salary: CTC : 1.93 LPA

Could you please tel me what type of questions were asked in the first round. we have interview for the same company .

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Surya Software,Banashankari,Bangalore-70...

Answer / tsr494

placement papers

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