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Answer / rita

Hi this is Ritamadhur On Aug 7th Wipro visted our campus (Sreenidhi
Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad). This was the first time
Wipro came to our college.

The selection procedure was like this
PPT started at 10:15 am. Written test at 11:00

Pattern was same as previous

Verbal 15
Analytical 15
Technical 20
no negative marking

Previous questions were not repeated.

Analytical was really analytical as there were only 3 or 4 questions from
quant. They were pretty easy.

coming to the Tech Interview

We were given only 10 minutes after the results of the written test were

Ihe: give me your resume
me: gave him the resume
he: tell me about your self
me: I was prepared for it.i gave the answer correctly.
he: what do u know in C
me: basics
he: C++?
me: no.
he: what is a datatype
me: gave the answer
he: asked something on linked list.
me: I couldnt hear him. so i told him i donno
he: what is the difference between ms office xp and 2003

the difference is that office xp runs in win 98, 2000, and win xp. but
2003 runs only on win xp and win 2000 with servicepack.

he: narrated a big passage. the q was that whether a file created in
office 2003 be opened in office xp.
me: yes sir it can be without a problem. i told him our college has xp and
i have 2003 and we often transfer documents.

he: any questions?
me: asked him two questions related to technical only.

within few min I was given a form for hr interview. It was very lengthy
and almost took 20 min to fill. Within next 10 min after filling the form
I was called for HR interview.

Interviewer was a lady.
she: tell me abt your self
me: told her same as i told in tech.

she: (i told her something on my introspection in my intro) she asked give
an incident as an example.

suddenly an incident flashed into my mind. it really happened in my final
year.i told her .

she: tell me about your family
me : told her

she: why wipro?
me: I was perpared for this question. i tol her three points abt wipro in
which i gave her a hint tat i prefer working in south india.

she: what if i place you in gurgoan (wipro is there in gurgoan)
me: no problem i will work there for a couple of years and take a transfer
and come back to south.

she: what do u think abt your college:
me: told her all the good things which i knew abt our college (our college
is really popular for its placements, thanks to ur placement officer).
first i told her that our college has good placements and good companies
are coming and i also told that Wipro is one such company

then she told me "ok u can leave"

interviews for me were over by 4:15 pm

I waited upto 8 :15 then results were announced and my name was there.

Only two things are important confidence and eye contact and truth.

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Answer / guest

plz send previous wipro papers held at hyderbad

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Answer / kaushik kumar

please send these papers to my e-mail id

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