what is Theme in Asp.net 2.0

what is Theme in Asp.net 2.0..

Answer / alb.shah

Master pages allow you to dictate the layout and common
content for the pages in your application using template
files with a .master extension. The Themes feature in
ASP.NET 2.0 allows you to dictate the appearance of
controls in your application using template files with
a .skin extension, and with style sheets. In this article,
we will examine the Themes feature in-depth.

What you ultimately can achieve with the combination of
these two features is the following:

-Easily build a web application with consistent layout and
appearance across all pages
-Easily change the layout and appearance of all pages just
by modifying a few template files
-Easily personalize an application at run time for a
specific user by letting the user chose their favorite look
from a number of appearance and layout options

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