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  • Netsweeper interview questions (9)

Netsweeper Interview Questions
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what is meant by sitemapnode ?


please give a brief knowledge about these events ? page_render() page_prerender() page_unload page_loadcomplete page_preinit

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When a dropdownlist has been added by some records and it has been binded why it is not executing i'm facing this error pls help me ? if (is!pageposback) { arraylist books = new arraylist; books.add ("gone with the wind"); books.add ("rahulsriramprakash"); books.add ("vishal"); dropdowndisplay.datasource=books; dropdowndisplay.databind(); } The error is : 1) The dropdowndisplay does not exist.

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what is pagination in ?

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a web application needs to be created to accept the product name and quantity of a toy from a customer. After the customer has entered the product name the application needs to display the discounted price of the product to the customer (company is offering 35% discount on all products). The application should allow the customer to select the product name from a list box. and also while i'm data binding to a label with custom data binding with some declarations : "The Discounted Price is "+((System.Convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)) - ((System.convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)*0.35)). Where i need to give this declaration in 2.0.


How to change the form layout in 2.0 ?

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What is the need to give command ?

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What is the use of mcommand ? mcommand.fill(ds,"orderdetails");

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what is the role of aspx file ?

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Netsweeper Interview Questions