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what is the use of pmg in exciter?

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what is the use of pmg in exciter?..

Answer / t eswara rao

PMG means Permanant Magnet Generator.
In erlier days, we use DC supply for excitation supply. But
there were occations of this DC supply failures.
So now we are using PMG. It is having permanent magnetic
poles on its totor. It means the magnetic flus is
independant of external DC supply. The voltage produced in
stator is directly proportional to the RPM of its rotor.

By implementing PMG we have avoided 1. carbon brushes. 2.
External DC supply.

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what is the use of pmg in exciter?..

Answer / shri..

For generating permenent magnate.

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what is the use of pmg in exciter?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

PMG was being used for governor speed control for radial
feeding generators, earlier.

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