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What are the challenges you face as when handling customers
objections and how do you handle this challenges effectively
and professionally?

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What are the challenges you face as when handling customers objections and how do you handle this ..

Answer / karan

Many challenges i will face like,customers sometimes argue about the price rate of product,that it is very high,sometime they r not satisfied with product which they r using,they came up with other brand product, & to handel them i think firstly i need to keep patience with me, listen him very carefully, solve his problem by talking & if the product is damaged then try to replace it, offer him tea or coffee and promise him that in future you will not face this problem again.

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What are the challenges you face as when handling customers objections and how do you handle this ..

Answer / tejinder kaur

i will face lots of challenges when customers argue about the price , product and product qulity, that price is high ,so sometimes they are not satisfied with product which they are using,so customer came up with other brands and said that this product brand is good so on that time i handle that situation and i keep patience on my self, listen him carefully and solve his problem and i promise him that in future you will not faced that types of problems.

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