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why battery room in substation is black coloured?

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why battery room in substation is black coloured?..

Answer / abhishek goyal

It may be reduce the acidic reaction at battery room. And
related to heat transfer application.

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why battery room in substation is black coloured?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

To absorb the heat

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why battery room in substation is black coloured?..

Answer / vicky

Batteries play a vital role in of a substation by providing
dc power for protection, supervision and control of
substation and line equipment. Frequently, transmission or
distribution power will be lost or reduced in magnitude
during system disturbances (faults) at the same time that
power is required to isolate the disturbance from the
To provide a continuous power, most substation use dc power
from batteries. These batteries can range in size from 50
Ahr at 24 V dc to more than 1000 Ahr at 250 V dc.

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why battery room in substation is black coloured?..

Answer / nn duc

There is no requirement of coloured for bateries in

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