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How does the sensitive earth fault protection provided by cbct
for motor can help in reducing the size of cable used to supply the motor?

How does the sensitive earth fault protection provided by cbct for motor can help in reducing the s..

Answer / khamesra.amit

In my opinion, using CBCT do not help in reducing the cable size.

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please let me know , we have installed two separate motor for fire fighting system 1) 60 hp and 2) 15 hp the load is 74 AMPS and 20 AMPS then tell me the main power cable in Aluminum will be what thickness , the length is 225 mt from the main utility to fire pump house

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40 HP motor how many square mm size wire use for stator to motor & aluminium wire use ?

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How to calculate electrical Induction motor heating and cooling time constant,11KV,2850,12P,SCIM

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hi can any body send me syllabus of rrb electrical section engg... and past pepar also of any board...

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Hi,, Just I want ask, if the power factor decrease what happen in voltage regulation? Thanks..

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