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how to select the cable size? any formula to calculate cable

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how to select the cable size? any formula to calculate cable size?..

Answer / manish kumar singh

It depends upon current and material of cable. Size directly
proportional to the current and inversely proportional to
the conductivity of material.

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how to select the cable size? any formula to calculate cable size?..

Answer / bob

from the cable size table we can select the size of it
accourding to the amprage that we have, then increasing the
size of cable depending on distance and the heat temperture
that we need to install.

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how to select the cable size? any formula to calculate cable size?..

Answer / lucky

p=vi cos@
to find out line current
and according to table
the size of cable.

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how to select the cable size? any formula to calculate cable size?..

Answer / senthil.m

first calculate the power,power means voltxcurrent,these
voltage means potential differeence,the current means
electrons electrons means (heat) flows throw conductors so
cable inside heat flows, so answer depens upon the
heat,heat inversalypropotional to the coil,

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