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What do you mean by boost voltage in case of battery

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What do you mean by boost voltage in case of battery charger?..

Answer / jai prakash narain singh

incase of battery charger you have two mode of charging .
1.float charge/trickle charge
2. boost charge.
incase of boost charge charging voltage will be high i.e 27
to 29 volts and charging current will increased and battery
can be charged fast.
this voltage is called boost voltage,

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What do you mean by boost voltage in case of battery charger?..

Answer / ganesh bhangale

Battery charger having two mode of charging
1)Float charging ( constant voltage charging )
2)Boost charging ( constant current charging )
When battery goes for small discharg up to 10% it could
charged by float charging but if the battery goes to deep
discharge up to 50%it needs boost charging. In boost
charging keep the cell voltage of lead acid battery 2.65 &
charging current set 10% of AH capaicity of battery bank
Due to upper voltage level of batery charger battery takes
current & this current is controlled by charger controller
or by varing potentiometer( ie current limit pot)

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What do you mean by boost voltage in case of battery charger?..

Answer / anil

Float charging voltage is 2.15V charging voltage is 2.25V

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