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how to convert kw in to unit

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how to convert kw in to unit..

Answer / virendra

KWH ( Unit ) = Kw * Hour

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how to convert kw in to unit..

Answer / saurabh kumar

Its so simple unit is product of power consumed for a
particular and time and devide by 1000. it means it is
product of power[(in watt)*time(in hours)]/1000

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how to convert kw in to unit..

Answer / jagdish pd pawar

KW can convert in to units with multiply by No.of hours
electrcal load is connected with Electrical power supply.
For example 1000 W (1KW) Rating Heater is connected with
supply 230 v, for 1 hour.
KW*1 Hour = 1 kwh = 1 unit.

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how to convert kw in to unit..

Answer / mesbah_ul

BOT=Power x Hour

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how to convert kw in to unit..

Answer / joel q.

To convert KW in to unit is;

KW * 1000 = 1,000watts.

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