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why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv

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why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv..

Answer / pradeepmishra

Holium perchlorate solution have a wide range of absorbance it shows absorbance in uv as well as in visible range(219nm to 650 nm).It is very stable also.

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why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv..

Answer / a.supriya

Holmium perchlorate will give sharp peak in uv and visible range and very stable compound

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why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv..

Answer / yojana

Because,holium oxide & perchloric acid does not absorbed
uv/visible light. both are use for background in uv/visible

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why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv..

Answer / analyticalstudent

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