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what is flow equation of kg/hr to m3/hr

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what is flow equation of kg/hr to m3/hr..

Answer / sivasankari

For Air:

Dry air at 0º C has a density of 1.29 kg/m³
Just divide the kg/hr by 1.29 to get m³/hr
kg/hr / (1.29 kg/m³) = m³/hr

For Water:

Water has a density of 1 kilogram/liter, or 0.001 kg/m³
to convert kg/hr to m³/hr you would divide by 1000

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what is flow equation of kg/hr to m3/hr..

Answer / arif

300 TPH
1 TPH= 907.18 kg/hr

multiply by density of water 1 kg/hr = 1 ltr/hr

i.e. =0.001 m3/hr

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