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What skill/s does the Instrument Technician has?

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What skill/s does the Instrument Technician has?..

Answer / joseph

well, the instrument technician is a responsible for the
maintenance and calibration of instrument in a,the
skills of a instrument technician is to calibrate and
trouble shooting.

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What skill/s does the Instrument Technician has?..

Answer / surendra

Instrument technician has
good knowedge attend by

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What skill/s does the Instrument Technician has?..

Answer / ankit mathur

1. He/She should be done an ITI course.
2. He/she troubleshoot and calibrate the instruments and
having basic knowledge of instruments.
3. He/She can communicate the problems and solutions too.

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What skill/s does the Instrument Technician has?..

Answer / sivasankari

1.The ability to pay careful attention to details
2.Good communication and reading skills,
3.Manual dexterity and patience
4.The ability to lift between 11 and 25 kilograms
5.Good mathematical, scientific, mechanical and logical
reasoning abilities
6.The ability and desire to keep up-to-date with
technological developments in the field

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What skill/s does the Instrument Technician has?..

Answer / prasanth menon

good knolage about instruments spesialey calibrason loop
checking @coman sense is must and shoud have
communication skill@confidense

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What skill/s does the Instrument Technician has?..

Answer / m.murali- inst.technologist

Little bit commonsense and more pasancy

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